MAB di Mattiazzi srl
via Verdi, 4321
45020 - Villa d'Adige di Badia Polesine - RO
tel. 0442.92039 r.a.
fax 0442.675255

Unless to try another company that it can offer a service to you therefore! Because the MAB, they give beyond 60 years on the market, has already conquered the confidence of many companies in national and foreign area, working from always with timeliness, precision and reliability, thanks to the planning and the employment of equipments and vanguard technologies, for the working of the materials, and to the materials, and to the professionality of the qualified staff.

Our company has one covered structure of approximately 6.000 mq. and external of approximately 10.000 mq., with inner and external equipments: crane self-moving, shears, folding-machines press (for small and large thickness), normal and radial bottoming drills, pantograph, punches, saws, lathes, pressed, planes……everything necessary for the construction of heavy and medium carpentry.

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